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A Spatio-Spectral Sensor

Current spectrometers, take spot samples in space and time without visual imagery. Other expensive “hyper-spectrometers” have a limited spectral resolution as well as a limited spatial resolution. SpectroCam is an instrument for data acquisition that acquires RGB images registered with spectra (produced by a spectrometer). Special software has already been developed demonstrating the merging of high spatial resolution data (image segments) with information derived from high resolution spectra. This design overcomes the problems of spot based spectrometers with only one spatial sample per spectrum and the expensive and relative low spatial resolution of hyperspectral imagers.

The SpectroCam is an optically integrated RGB camera with a spectrometer. Thus, SpectroCam with two sensors for image (spatial) and spectral data acquisition provides high resolution spectral features and high resolution spatial features.

Spectral features: The 2048 spectral channels of the spectrometer provide high spectral resolution data for the analysis of spectral features in visible and NIR. This high resolution is provided over a well-defined narrow FOV (field of view). The FOV is pointed at areas of homogeneous spectral properties, visible in the RGB camera image.

Spatial features: 640×480 images are derived from the RGB camera. Spectrometer and Camera are coaxial and synchronised; The Camera shows the precise FOV of the spectrometer for referencing the spectral data to the object’s image data and geo-referencing.

The SpectroCam is developed for both laboratory and fieldwork. It is a multi-use system with a computer for signal integration of spectra and images. The SpectroCam has low weight (< 400 g), with low-cost components.

State of art calibration of models and fieldwork supporting projects, using the combination of RGB camera and high resolution spectrometer, from which the remote sensing data are calibrated is now possible with the SpectroCam. The SpectroCam generates reliable spectral data with geo-referenced images.

SpectroCam has its own software applications for data acquisition. RGB image showing the info about the standard white reference and the FOV of the spectrometer imaged on a rectangle relative to the much wider FOV of the camera with an interface that displays the reflectance spectrum.

System Specifications


SpectroCam system

Highly portable system consisting of a spectrometer with an RGB camera plus optical and electronic interface.

Tripod interface.


< 400 g

RGB Camera

640x480x3 image samples with

optical interface to spectrometer


Spectrometer with advanced electronics; with the ES (Enhanced Sensitivity) models feature an installed detector collection lens for increased light collection efficiency.

Spectral Channels


Wavelength range

350 – 1100 nm

Spectral resolution

0.35nm (FWHM)


Diffuse Reflectance Standards

WS-1-SL White Reflectance Standard

Dimensions housing: 38 mm diameter

Weight: 30 g

Spectral range: 250-2500 nm

Housing: Delrin holder, protective cover

Tripod interface.

Reflectivity: 99% over the range 350-1100 nm



With Az, El axis, aligning Sensor head for stabilizing the SpectroCam on a selected FOV and tripods for the white references


User interface / Software for data acquisition.

SpectroCam comes with software with a GUI that connects the spectrometer and camera to the laptop via the USB cables that operate on Windows.

The data are stored as images and Spectra tables with a common timestamp as reference.


USB-to-PC interface

No external power requirements; it draws its power from the computer


Case for transportation

For containing the SpectroCam and a small size laptop